A Great Season

Just park it anywhere

Semana Santa marked the end of the dry season, when the higher volume of travelers seeking sun, the sea and warmer temperatures travel to Guanacaste. This year, the hotel staff would like to say thank you to all of our guests who stayed with us this past high season!

We entered the high season with a week long retreat led by Miguel Ruiz and his family. This was a week of discovery, love and community. The staff looks forward to future opportunities to host an event that offers this level inspiration and hope. This theme, love, continued through March. Sugar Beach hosted 12 weddings this high season! With so many tropical wonderlands in Costa Rica, we truly feel privileged that the couples chose Sugar Beach. Surrounded by family, friends & the extreme beauty of the tropical dry forest – summer at Sugar Beach can be wild and unruly in the height of the dry season – the newly to be wed exchanged vows only moments before the sun disappeared in a flaming spectacle beyond the horizon.

Michael and Michelle

Wild and unruly seemed to be what the Hikers Group, avid birders, enjoyed this past March, when many trees bare and without foliage, showcased a variety of smaller tropical birds. This year’s notable group forged the trails every day with gusto, with no hindrance from their 80 plus years, marking yet another inspiration for the crew.

Travelers from abroad and within Costa Rica converged for Semana Santa. This busy, sun drenched week at the beach had its moments – from an early morning scramble to claim the shoreline tree shade to heavy afternoon activities and full picnics laid out along the beach. For three days, Sugar Beach took on the atmosphere more known to beaches closer to cities, the wild and unruly applied to the human landscape! The end of the high season is crowned our largest number of visitors.

Now we look forward to returning to the norm, a stress-free, low-key day at the beach. Keep your eye out for our upcoming offers for the green season.