Eco Friendly Weddings

Sugar Beach

With its exotic flora and pristine beaches Costa Rica has long been a popular choice for destination weddings. At Hotel Sugar Beach we host dozens of wedding events each year and many of the couples we have met along the way have become very dear to us. In our wedding album you can get a sense of the highly romantic setting our secluded cove and lush grounds provide for intimate gatherings.

The only thing we love more than a good party is the natural beauty of our Pacific coastline. Here at Sugar Beach, we pride ourselves on being excellent caretakers of the environment, ensuring that visitors now and for many years to come, can relax and unwind on our award-winning Blue Flag beach.

To the sea!

This is particularly important during the nesting season of the Giant Leatherback Sea Turtles which extends from October through February. We take extra steps to protect the turtles so the already declining population will not be further diminished. Some of these measures include:

Prohibiting bright lights on the beach at night.

Asking our guests not to shine flashlights on or near the turtles.

Asking guests to please not video or photograph the turtles.

Restricting noise on the beach at night to below 60 decibels.

Not allowing bonfires on the beach nor fireworks.

Prohibiting the use of balloons or other plastic decorations on the beach.

If the turtles – or other animals – feel harassed by disturbing sights and sounds it causes them to waste energy they need to survive. We have to remind ourselves that we are the visitors here while they are the permanent residents.

Being told “no” can feel like a downer at first until you realize the simple fact of Sugar Beach: no decorations or displays, no brightly colored lights or noisy rock bands can hold a candle to the natural beauty that surrounds you. So while we’ve taken pains to elaborate some of the don’ts, here is a list of dos that will make your Costa Rica wedding a dream come true:

Carolyn with bridesmaids

Get married outside an hour or two before sunset. No electricity required.

Use the natural beauty of the beach, with the sun dropping red and gold into the Pacific, as your decorations.

Though you must travel to get here, once you are here there’s no need to move around. Relax and allow yourself to be pampered.

Enjoy the calming effects of the ocean and the balmy breeze. You will be refreshed by a deep sleep.

Drink coconut water – fresh from the trees!

Elegant beach decor

Keep it simple and casual. Don’t stress over appropriate attire for your guests. Let your wedding be a day at the beach.

Surround yourself with friends and family. For weddings of 50-70 the entire resort will be yours and you can indulge in the fantasy of being stranded on a tropical isle.

Enjoy the native cuisine made from fresh, local ingredients.

And if a family of howler monkeys shimmies up the trees at the edge of your celebration smile and know they wish you and yours a lifetime of joy.

Attending the wedding of Rosie and Jeremy