Help girls break the cycle of poverty


A sad fact about beautiful Guanacaste: it’s the poorest province in Costa Rica and women and girls in particular feel the burden. Single mothers are commonly the sole earners for large families, with domestic violence a constant problem. The teenage pregnancy rate is 25% and the secondary school drop-out rate is 40%. Education is the most powerful weapon against this cycle of poverty and abuse.

CEPIA (Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents) is a Costa Rican based non-profit and non-governmental organization which works to improve the quality of life for Guanacaste’s children and teenagers. You can help CEPIA help girls fight poverty by supporting Girls Club.


With Girls Club, CEPIA is working directly with small groups of high risk children. Through weekly workshops, Guanacaste girls learn about rights, safety, and financial management, as well as cultural and general education. The goal is to improve well-being for all club members, help protect them from sexual abuse, reduce teen pregnancy, and keep girls in school.

You can help Guanacaste girls if you donate today to CEPIA. We’re looking to raise $3,400 to fund a 10 month program that will serve four local village and 80 girls. The money raised will pay for a female mentor, craft materials, travel and home visits, reporting and more. Even a small donation will mean so much to the girls and women of this splendid province.

Another way you can help is absolutely free: Please vote for Laetitia Deweer, CEPIA President and a finalist on the program Motores de vida, on national TV Canal 7. With your vote you can help win a new van for CEPIA. This will save the organization $800 per month in transportation fees. Vote daily now through November 4.