Baby Howler Monkey

For the Love of Monkeys

At Hotel Sugar Beach we take our responsibility to our neighbors very seriously. Our neighbors include the residents of Portreo and greater Guanacaste, as well as the wildlife which inhabits our grounds, sea, sky and tree tops. In service to both, we often sponsor visits to our local elementary school by experts in the area of wildlife conservation.

In May, we contacted Vanessa Jarrin, resident manager of The Monkey Park Foundation, a nonprofit organization located in Portogolpe, Santa Cruz. Monkey Park is an environmental refuge that rescues wild animals that have been confiscated by governmental agencies. These animals, which have been illegally captured and kept in cages, receive specialized care focused on their recovery and eventual integration back to their natural habits. For several reasons, some animals cannot be set free. Monkey Park offers them a home with the best possible living conditions. This situation has turned out to be a plus for environmental education.

Vanessa Jarrin speaks to the students

On May 17 Ms. Jarrin and our own Yeimy Salazar and Sophia Granados visited with Hazel Rodriguez’s Fourth Grade Class to discuss the problem of wild animal captivity. The children learned of the role the Monkey Park takes in rehabilitating the animals, as well as the reasons why living in a cage is not a suitable existence for our neighbors who were meant to be free. Our hope is that children will become ambassadors for this very important message.