More Beach Weddings


It’s been a big year for weddings at Sugar Beach. We’d like to share a few more of these beautiful ceremonies and beaming couples.

May 28 – Leah & Jasper

Leah and Jasper got engaged at Sugar Beach so it made sense they would return for the ceremony and celebration with 65 friends and relatives cheering them on. The sky gave them an evening show with big lightning flourishes.


April 20 – Brinly & Paola

Paola and Brinly had a festive ceremony that was capped by show stealing congo players. The day after included lots of coconut water and a volleyball tournament.



May 6 – Corinne & Zayn

Young and in love, Corinne and Zayn had a ceremony with 34 guests, their own margarita goblet (lots of tequila), and plenty of family fun. They day before their wedding, they hosted a BBQ.