Sofia’s Turtles

Yeimy, Adriana, Sofia, Gabriela - the Fantastic Four!

As we transition from Dry Season, also known as High Season, we’ve asked our staff to relay some of their favorite experiences. This one comes from manager Sophia Granados Chaverri, a city girl who has learned to love nature at Sugar Beach

The idea of ​​seeing a turtle is amazing. When the season began last year we got involved with the children of the school and staff of Marino Las Baulas National Park in projects of conservation and protection, a topic that was very interesting to me.

Every morning I would wake up, come to the hotel, and see by the traces of their fins in the sand that the turtles had visited the beach. This was very exciting, though it made me angry to know that people were coming to the beach in the early hours to find turtle eggs so they could sell them.

We started arriving even earlier. We erased the fin traces before they could be seen by the hunters. Then the big day arrived: three little turtles had left their nest and headed home, to the sea.

Newly arrived

It was very emotional to see them, with all the effort and determination that it took for them to plunge themselves into the giant ocean. It was not easy. As they advanced a little a wave pushed them to where they started, again and again, until finally they disappeared beneath the foam.

It is wonderful how nature demonstrates and teaches us about its greatness. These are the memories that marked the season for me. I want to share them, because there is no doubt, wonderful things happen here. Every day is different.

Long journey begins