Romantic Weekend Getaway

Isn't it romantic?
Isn’t it romantic?

During the month of June, take advantage of our Romantic Weekend Special. Book any two nights and receive special pricing and extra goodies.

Romance Package Includes:
Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch
1 bottle of champagne and chocolate truffles at check-in
Two-night stay required

$89 per person in Deluxe room. $80 per person for Costa Ricans or residents.

Premium Package:
Includes a private candlelit dinner, served on the Master Suite balcony on Friday 7-9 pm

$129 per person, Master Suite. $116 per person for Costa Ricans or residents.

The key to a romantic weekend is to find a quiet place surrounded by nature and enjoy each other’s company. Hotel Sugar Beach can take care of five of the ten recommended steps to the perfect romantic getaway.

1. Plan a laid back vacation in a serene location

2. Relax and don’t over plan the weekend.

3. If compelled to take a tour, make it a simple place that stimulates your senses – sipping a mojito under the trees near the beach, listening to the parrots & monkeys.

4. Feel great surrounded by everything you love.

5. Your getaway begins at the doorstep. Cherish all of the big and small along the way

6. Make a stop, and don’t feel compelled to keep a schedule.

7. Surprise each other.

8. Communicate with love.

9. Sometimes just sit together in silence.

10. Enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Forget your watch and rely on nature to set your internal clocks. Take frequent naps, watch the stars, stroll on the beach, dine with a view of the Pacific and enjoy our Special Saturday Dinner.

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Try a little tenderness
Try a little tenderness