The Advantages of Napping

Napping makes you look younger
Napping makes you look younger

At the end of September our staff will take their vacations, and while they are recharging their batteries, Hotel Sugar Beach will close to undergo yearly preventative maintenance. When we re-open on November 1st the staff and the hotel will be refreshed, ready, and looking our best.

In the meantime, we’ like to share with you some thoughts on why we should all find the time even on our busy days to embrace the healing power of the nap.

The Science of Naps

Never feel guilty for taking a nap. When you check out for a few minutes or a delicious hour of daytime shut eye, you’re improving your body and your brain in significant ways. There is a substantial amount of research on the positive effects of napping, and we’ve highlighted some of the biggies below.

Napping makes you smarter.
Napping makes you smarter

Why Nap?

There are various reasons some of us need our afternoon nap: not enough nighttime sleep, poor nutrition, natural sleep patterns, and even evolutionary survival. As the day wears on, our brains become taxed and decision-making gets harder. For our ancestors, decision fatigue might have spelled death; if you suddenly find yourself face to face with a saber tooth tiger you should know how to answer the question, fight or flight?

Here are some of the ways naps improve our bodies and minds in the modern world:

Naps improve learning by clearing out short term memory and making room for new information. Studies have shown that even an hour nap increases brain power.

Naps can dramatically improve one’s health by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure, and by turn also lowering the risk for heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and excessive weight gain.

Napping lowers your risk for heart attack
Napping lowers your risk for heart attack

Naps are better than caffeine for waking yourself up. They refresh the body and last longer than a jolt of Joe.

Napping boosts memory. The brain processes and stores memories while we sleep, particularly during deep or REM sleep, but even a few minutes of shut eye can have a positive effect.

Naps enhance creativity. They affect the type of memory that helps us see interrelated ideas – “the big picture” – an essential skill for executing creative projects.

Given the evidence, why not just take a nap?

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams