The Walk for Cancer

On Saturday, November 17 Hotel Sugar Beach coordinated a Walk for Cancer with co-sponsors Hotel Bahia Del Sol, Las Catalinas, Lola’s Restaurant, ECOTRANS and Flamingo Beach Resort. Proceeds benefitted ANASOVI and Elige Vivir, with more than $1,400 in donations.

Sign up line, water distribution, and music! Ready to go.

We would like to thank all participants, as well as our staff who donated their time, energy and hearts to this event. Below are some of their voices, describing what this event meant to them.

Sujeily Cerdas, Front Desk Agent


Simple question, yet with a very emotional answer, split in two.

First, because walking is an excellent exercise, it’s good for the heart and I really enjoy walking – especially with good company. I would walk until the end of the world and come back if I could.

Second, I identify a lot with this cause, not because I carry in my body cancerous cells, but because I carry some scars in my soul.

Less than a year ago, in February to be exact, I lost a very dear friend who battled six months as a terminal patient (bone marrow cancer). I have to say that I admire everyone who has been through this valley of tears and awful pain and can still say, “I’m alive and I want to keep living.”

I can’t get over it yet. Not the fact that I saw a dear friend parting, but the fact that I had to be present during all these long months feeling the pain and the impotence of not being able to do something.

I will be part of all these people that are collaborating to give cancer patients the opportunity to fight to keep living.

That’s why I walked today.

Participants came from local communities and all the way from San José.

Pablo Herrera, Operations Manager


I had the opportunity to be a volunteer in the planning and execution of this event. I loved seeing the kids from Potrero school, all the volunteers from hotels in the area working side by side and all the people who traveled from other cities who came to raise awareness on the prevention and detection of cancer.

The businesses collaboration is vital to sustain the local community. I really enjoyed being part of this event because it was an unique opportunity to work with businesses and hotels on a corporate social responsibility initiative. If we continue to work together, as we did with this Cancer Walk, we are going to be able to achieve larger projects of greater impact with the local community.

Kudos to teacher Hazel Rodríguez from Escuela Potrero who supported the activity and got her students involved in this cause.