Vacation Unplugged

Our secluded cove from above

In a networked world, going on vacation can be a lot like staying put: emails, roaming cell phone calls and telecommuting can downright drown your time away in a barrage of working-world demands.  And yet, in these times of 24-hour accessibility, the need to truly escape is stronger than ever.  Our nervous systems, always poised for the next tap on the shoulder, need to unplug.

There are still some corners of the world that remain, if not completely off the grid, at least on its outer margins.  Hotel Sugar Beach is just such a place: 20 minutes travel on a dirt road takes you just beyond the reaches of high-speed internet and uninterrupted cell phone signals.  The outside world’s only line in is via satellite, rather than the seamless, all-pervasive wireless signals we’ve grown so accustomed to.

For some, the very prospect is terrifying – a lapse in the flow of information, the ability to check, to be reached, to know what is happening everywhere at all times, can create a minor panic.  However, this panic is a normal part of the process internet junkies must endure.

Once through the initial pangs of withdrawal, the relief can be intense.  The freedom, guilty at first, becomes intoxicating.  For only now can we, as vacationers, truly indulge ourselves, with silence, uninterrupted activities, and enjoyment free from distractions.  With blinking eyes, we take stock of the world in our immediate surroundings, and realize the richness of its details.

The rest of the world can wait.

All in a day's work

C. Keogan