Watercolor Weekend, January 25 – 27

Discover what you can do with watercolors during our special Sugar Beach Art Weekend. The Watercolor Workshop is open to artists of all levels.

The focus of this weekend course is on fundamentals. We’ll work with figure drawing and discuss a variety of techniques including glazing, wet on wet, dry brushstrokes, and how to work with color and composition to create vibrant and expressive colors.

On the first afternoon we’ll begin with a demonstration, focusing on painting techniques and drawing basics. Everyone will have a chance to practice. On the second day we will apply our techniques. Town Elders from Portrero will model for us as we explore sketching figures. On the final morning we will take our work to the next level, practicing different compositions and backgrounds.

Materials to bring

Paper: Watercolor block, or pad in cold pressed or rough paper, size of your choice.

Brushes, two kinds: (1) Round, big and pointed: #9, 10, 11 or 12; (2) Small synthetic or natural brushes for detail: #4, 5 or 6

Watercolor paints in a full range of colors. Some suggestions:
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red Light
Burnt Siena
Sap Green

Miscellaneous: Sponges, natural or synthetic; towel; Q-tips; tissues; water container; masking tape; water spray bottle.

For more info or reservations, please contact Gabriela Castro:

Ages 13 and up.

Workshop starts at 3 pm on Friday, January 25 and ends after lunch on Sunday, January 27.